Dog Park Demo

by Leashes

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This is a short collection of songs we recorded with Collin of Paradise Records. Dog Park is the first recorded pieces of music we have ever put together. New stuff is soon to come but for now enjoy these songs. Thank you, thank your friends, and love everyone.


released January 15, 2017

Collin Knight, Paradise Records, our Moms, our Dads, our Dogs, The Listeners.



all rights reserved


Leashes Mission Viejo, California

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Track Name: Y-you'll Pay For this, Flowers!!
I can’t put back the way things used to be
I’m only trying to be of assistance
You say you want the boy I used to be
I’ve already explained I am human
What more want then?
I hope not.

There’s melancholy in the way you say goodbye
I’ll spend one more year and that all my time
Are you leaving for college or leaving from me
What did you mean?

Realize we’re not like everybody else
You’ve turned to a friend
and now the parent is myself

Passive aggressively fucking with your friends again
And you say that you love to play pretend
But the worlds not waiting up for me in the end

Trees they fall and die
I wipe the crust from underneath my eyes
It’s about time
I get out of paradise nothings the same if it’s not you and I
I’m letting go now

I will be 21 at 42
I’m not like you

Pushed my fingers
Through the dirt
Clenched my fist
And pulled up earth
Track Name: Party on, Wayne!
I see behind the consequence

In one year this will die
we’ll go to school and watch the time as life goes by

I’m not any better
Than you or anybody in this room
Track Name: Pajama Sam
The sun is falling down
The water in your hair whispered waves crashed to
Just because you think that you’re broken
Doesn’t mean it’s true
Taking sips out of coffee cups
I am awake but it’s not enough
What does it take?
Who is to say we’re all the same

Fall short

You would pick yourself to the bone
If I wasn’t home
And I’d crawl into a hole
If you weren’t there to keep me warm
Track Name: Honesty is the best policy.
I’m letting it out on the wheel
And this is how it feels to breath
Screaming fuck my life I am ready to die

I close my eyes to breath it in
To feel the wind
To forget all the shit I’m in

And here we go
Going to work just to go home
And writers block has got me caught
Now I can’t write or this life right

I’ll figure it out sometime
Look up, I’ll look overhead
Just like you told me to when it was
It was just me and you
I’m looking forward
To when you will leave
To when I will be alone
To see the night until I then wake up
To see the sun and be alright

And you will see
That there was no one like you or me
I hope you find
Another night to live and sleep under this time